May 31, 2012 – Photos of The Week: Northern Lights Revisited

By popular demand I am sharing some more images from our Northern Lights sessions last March. Looking back upon these images I have to chuckle at the 4+ hours we spent each night in -32°C weather, staring up at the IMAX like display of Aurora Borealis activity above us! Good times…good memories!

Aurora Trails No.1

Notice how this first image features a shooting star that streaked across the horizon.

Aurora Trails No. 4

Aurora Trails No. 3

Aurora Waves No 8

Aurora Waves No 6

Aurora Waves No 1

Aurora Waves No 2

Apparition Aurora

Highway to The Aurora

The next image features the planets Mars and Venus as they appeared closer to the Earth. They’re the two twinkling stars/planets in the night sky on the left.

Mars And Venus Twinkling

Surfing Aurora

Finally I leave you with an image that depicts the whole sky lite up, as you could see the Northern Lights skid across the horizons.

Northern Lights Panorama

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Until next week….


~ by Larry on May 31, 2012.

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