June 13, 2012 – Photos of the Week: Alaska The Complete Album

Sun Dog Over Denali Highway

Whenever I think of Alaska I always thought of glaciers, ice and vast open spaces. It certainly didn’t disappoint as Alaska was truly was one of the more remarkable states that I visited in the US.

In the image above I was quite happy to capture a sun dog over the Denali range!

Arctic Tundra

The Tundra was stunning, vast, open and desolate. These evergreens were barely 6 feet tall! I suppose the shortened growing season and low temperatures really do delay a trees growth.

Welcome to Alaska

Denali National Park is approximately 6 million acres of glacier, wildlife and wilderness. Our drive through the park was certainly a highlight!

Denali and the Frozen Susitna River

Road to the Mountains

While we were in Fairbanks we were fortunate enough to attend the BP World Ice Championships. The exhibition featured amazing pieces of ice art carved in both single and multi blocks of ice, from International ice artists!

The image below is the 8th place winner of the single block championship, the artists were from Russia.


While driving along the Chena Highway, I couldn’t resist this image of the row of mailboxes! Too much fun!

Frozen Mailboxes

Finally while we were visiting we had the opportunity to visit many collectibles collections by the different residents of Alaska. The 3 images below were from such a collection!

Aquamarine Mixer

Limit 2 Hours

Coke Classic

To view the entire album follow this link: Alaska: The Complete Album

To inquire and or purchase prints please visit My Etsy Store.

Or, you can visit us at one of our upcoming shows, the schedule is on the calendar on the right of this blog! 😉

Until next week…Enjoy!


~ by Larry on June 13, 2012.

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