October 3, 2012 – Photos of the Week: A Photographic Journey and Journal of Iceland #3 (featuring Landmannalaugar)

Larry + Christina: “Are we going to be crossing any rivers today?”
Tour Guide/Driver: “Yup! We’re going to cross a few of them and have lots of fun on these high mountain roads!”
Larry + Christina: “Let’s do it! So awesome!”

Four Wheel Playground #1

Four Wheel Playground #2

Four Wheel Playground #3

So begins our adventure and feature for this week’s blog on Iceland. This week I will be featuring some of my favourite images from Iceland. The star of this week’s blog is Landmannalaugar (pronounced as Land-man-a-lay-gar).

Landmannalaugar is an area in the high mountains of Iceland that is only accessible by road from June to September. It is technically accessible by car, but car rentals are NOT allowed on this road. If anything happens to your car while driving on this challenging road then your car rental insurance is voided. That is, you are responsible for all damages to your car rental! Access is recommended only by 4×4 vehicles. After witnessing the splendor, I can’t understand why anybody would be crazy enough to tackle this road with anything but a 4×4 truck with 49 inch wheels!

Since Landmannalaugar is such a beautiful mountain range with a palette of colors due to the various cinder cones, rhyolite (volcanic rock) and lava fields, it was a MUST on our agenda to Iceland! And take my advice, DON’T miss out, this area is SOOOO beautiful! It’s no wonder that it is a popular tourist, camping and hiking destination!

Since we really wanted to visit this area, but I was uncertain on how to drive across rivers, and I didn’t want to void our car rental insurance, we decided to tackle this leg of our trip via tour. I would highly recommend Extreme Iceland. This is the tour company we used, and our tour guide was not only knowledgeable but we had an absolute BLAST riding with him! The way he tackled the rivers and 4×4 roads reminded us of a good buddy of ours back in Canada named “Mattie.” Mattie if you’re reading this…go to Iceland…rent a 4×4 truck and go for it! You’ll love it! 😉 To my readers, I do believe it’s possible to rent 4×4 trucks from Extreme Iceland but I am unaware of pricing.

Here are some images of the beautiful area known as Landmannalaugar which means “the people’s pools”{Wiki}.

Landmannalaugar Panorama #1

Landmannalaugar Panorama #2

Landmannalaugar #1

This next one for me, is one of my favourites from Iceland….

Landmannalaugar #2

While we were up at Landmannalaugar we saw some other really cool sites.

The moss covered hills and mountain sides of Iceland are stunning!

The Hills of Iceland

This crater lake was also equally stunning, and it was created by an eruption in 1477. Apparently you can fish in it too….
Ljotpollur Crater Lake

This beautiful lake is known as Frostastaðavatn. It was somewhat mystical on this day that was mixed with sun and clouds.

Much of the landscape is very moon like and “martian” like. It really felt like we were on another world at times….Hence the title of the following image.

Another World

The lasting image I will leave you with this week is another of my favourites…

The Mountain Playground

Until next week….

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~ by Larry on October 3, 2012.

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  1. enjoy them all

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