November 14, 2012 – Photos of the Week: A Photographic Journal and Journey of Iceland #5 – The Roads…

Ok…after a month long break I am back! 🙂 Gosh it’s hard to find time to blog when you’re moving, recovering from an injury, working, living, photographing events and doing shows!

This week I am sharing some unique images of Iceland. As viewers who are familiar with my style of photography and art will recall, I tend to look for beauty in less commonly photographed subjects.

This week I am featuring the roads of Iceland. Roads…whether you consider them to be simply a means of getting from destination A to B. Or, whether they are simply a surface of black concrete or asphalt or tarmac. Or finally, perhaps they are metaphorical? As often depicted in poetry, story or song, perhaps the road is an existential symbol of your life? Does it represent your journey or path through this life?

Whatever the case, I think roads are beautiful and often under appreciated element in our lives and societies!

The following 3 images are examples of some interesting and beautiful roads I came across while travelling in Iceland.

Winding Road

Two Directions

Weaving Through Iceland

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~ by Larry on November 14, 2012.

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