2014-03-13 Yukon: The Album


Christina and I concluded recently that if we want cultural and visual stimulation we like visiting Europe. But, if we want to truly relax away from the hustle and bustle of major metropolitan areas then we gravitate to arctic countries for vacation. Our obsession started with Alaska. Then we completely fell in love with Iceland. And we’ve always known how beautiful the Territories in Northern Canada are, but it was Amazing Race Canada that kick started our planning for this particular photographic excursion. Is that part of the intention in these reality TV shows?

I’m not sure what it is really why we gravitate to these countries/regions. Perhaps there isn’t ONE specific reason but rather, several of them. Firstly we are admittedly Northern Lights junkies, well Christina more so than me but she got me excited about celestial and night sky photography, so she gets the credit here. 🙂 And, what better region to see the auroras better but within the aurora belt and in the far north?

Secondly, I love driving when there is no road rage and where the lack of traffic enables one to really take in the scenery. It also lets my photographic juices flow whilst driving; a form of multi-tasking perhaps? And, no, I am not a distracted driver!

Thirdly, these areas are sparsely populated and that’s kind of nice. Especially when my “day job” involves dealing with the public on a large volume basis. It’s nice to just get away with my camera and Christina and be artistic and….create! I find this type of immersion very helpful to my “day job”. Without sounding cliche, it really does recharge my batteries! Besides how often does one visit places where the wildlife (animals) out populate the people? lol.

Fourthly, we find the people extra friendly in these areas. It’s nice to be immersed in a society of non-materialism, where the outdoors is the big attraction, people are active and remain completely down to earth.

So yes, these are some of things than draw us to arctic regions/countries. Onthis particular trip the weather didn’t always co-operate with us on this photo expedition but as photographers we go with the flow. We adapt and capture the beauty in any sort of weather or lighting conditions. Of course we don’t always get what we may consider ideal lighting or weather conditions but who does?

Highlights of our trip to the Yukon would have to include the Tombstone Territorial Park, the Northern Lights, the rolling hills, the beautiful drive, the people and the gorgeous fall colours, and the delicious assortment of buildings! 

I think I’ve rambled long enough. I encourage anybody to travel North and enjoy the peace, the tranquility and the scenery. Our next photo expedition is going to up north too, but this time to Norway/Sweden. On my wish list too is Greenland, I would LOVE to visit it someday too!……

A variety of vacations is important too so alas our upcoming Norway trip will be our last arctic country for awhile. Upcoming trips will include either Europe or Asia in 2015 and beyond.

There are 141 pictures in our Yukon album and we hope you enjoy them. To view all of them please follow this link

Yukon: The Complete Album



~ by j2studios on March 13, 2014.

2 Responses to “2014-03-13 Yukon: The Album”

  1. Love the photographs in your Yukon album! Truly excellent!

  2. Thank you Brett!

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