2014-03-13 Yukon: The Album

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Christina and I concluded recently that if we want cultural and visual stimulation we like visiting Europe. But, if we want to truly relax away from the hustle and bustle of major metropolitan areas then we gravitate to arctic countries for vacation. Our obsession started with Alaska. Then we completely fell in love with Iceland. And we’ve always known how beautiful the Territories in Northern Canada are, but it was Amazing Race Canada that kick started our planning for this particular photographic excursion. Is that part of the intention in these reality TV shows?

I’m not sure what it is really why we gravitate to these countries/regions. Perhaps there isn’t ONE specific reason but rather, several of them. Firstly we are admittedly Northern Lights junkies, well Christina more so than me but she got me excited about celestial and night sky photography, so she gets the credit here. 🙂 And, what better region to see the auroras better but within the aurora belt and in the far north?

Secondly, I love driving when there is no road rage and where the lack of traffic enables one to really take in the scenery. It also lets my photographic juices flow whilst driving; a form of multi-tasking perhaps? And, no, I am not a distracted driver!

Thirdly, these areas are sparsely populated and that’s kind of nice. Especially when my “day job” involves dealing with the public on a large volume basis. It’s nice to just get away with my camera and Christina and be artistic and….create! I find this type of immersion very helpful to my “day job”. Without sounding cliche, it really does recharge my batteries! Besides how often does one visit places where the wildlife (animals) out populate the people? lol.

Fourthly, we find the people extra friendly in these areas. It’s nice to be immersed in a society of non-materialism, where the outdoors is the big attraction, people are active and remain completely down to earth.

So yes, these are some of things than draw us to arctic regions/countries. Onthis particular trip the weather didn’t always co-operate with us on this photo expedition but as photographers we go with the flow. We adapt and capture the beauty in any sort of weather or lighting conditions. Of course we don’t always get what we may consider ideal lighting or weather conditions but who does?

Highlights of our trip to the Yukon would have to include the Tombstone Territorial Park, the Northern Lights, the rolling hills, the beautiful drive, the people and the gorgeous fall colours, and the delicious assortment of buildings! 

I think I’ve rambled long enough. I encourage anybody to travel North and enjoy the peace, the tranquility and the scenery. Our next photo expedition is going to up north too, but this time to Norway/Sweden. On my wish list too is Greenland, I would LOVE to visit it someday too!……

A variety of vacations is important too so alas our upcoming Norway trip will be our last arctic country for awhile. Upcoming trips will include either Europe or Asia in 2015 and beyond.

There are 141 pictures in our Yukon album and we hope you enjoy them. To view all of them please follow this link

Yukon: The Complete Album



July 17, 2013 – Photo of the Week: Alberta Bound

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Grain elevators. An iconic symbolic of our Alberta prairies. The rural skyline of many inhabited and uninhabited towns in Alberta and Saskatchewan. And, a pit stop along the railways of Canada.

They definitely don’t “make them like they used to” when it comes to these vanishing beauties. Being a photographer who grew up in the prairies and who used to LOVE trains, these elevators will always mean much much more to me.

Here is a new image in my ever so personal Canadian Prairies collection from railway avenue in Warner, Alberta.

Hope you like it! 😉

Until next week…

“Alberta Bound”
Print - Alberta Bound

July 12, 2013 – Photo Of The Week: The Milky Way

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What is the name of the galaxy that houses our solar system? What consists of 100-400 billion stars and can potentially be seen by the naked eye on a really dark night in areas of minimal light pollution?

You guessed it! Our Milky Way.

It is also a fascinating entity to photograph. This image was photographed during our recent excursion to Montana. It is my first attempt at photographing the ever so stunning galaxy of ours but definitely not my last. There will be more…

Until next week…

Print - Milky Way #1

June 22, 2013 – An Image Dedication…

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On Wednesday night, as we were driving home from our photoshoot in Southern Alberta, Montana and Saskatchewan we stumbled across a scene that was artistically and photographically meaningful.

It’s an image whose inherent message can be applied to many circumstances whether they be personal or societal. Since I am posting this image this week, I am dedicating it to all the flood victims of Southern Alberta.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

The image is aptly titled:

Print - Hope

April 18, 2013 – Photos of the Week: Dinosaur Provincial Park

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Last summer we made a weekend trip down to Dinosaur Provincial Park. This was my first visit to this park famous for its fossils and topography. It was certainly interesting to see the arid badlands up close and personal.

What was surprising was there was this diverse ecosystem of grasslands, badlands and river surrounded by our Alberta prairies {Wiki}. We are quite lucky to have such diversity within our provincial landscape!

Other than the stunning landscape I have to say the other thing I remembered most about the Dinosaur Provincial Park was the vicious mosquitoes. I swear these annoying little beasts with wings were also descendants of the Jurassic era! Layers and reapplications of OFF! with barely a moment’s reprieve! Seriously!

It was so bad that I actually had troubles fully enjoying the ambiance of this amazing park! They were so pesistent that I even had trouble obeying the “Watch where you step signs- Beware of Rattlesnakes” because I was so busy swatting the little “raptors”!

Other than that it is a beautiful and amazing park, and I highly recommend it to anyone. Just bring OFF!, citronella candles, and wear copious amounts of clothing layers!

Below are 7 of my favourite images from this photo session.

To view all 14 high resolution images follow this link: Dinosaur Provincial Park

Valley of The Badlands
Print - Valley of the Badlands

Dinosaur Provincial Park
Print - Dinosaur Provincial Park

Badland Lines
Print - Badland Lines

Rock Studies #3
Print - Rock Studies #3

Eroded Lines
Print - Eroded Lines

Coulee Tower
Print - Coulee Tower

Coulee Studies #2
Print - Couless Studies #2

April 7, 2013 – Photos of the Week: Iceland (The Album)

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Well, I’m only 4 months behind schedule! 🙂

I hope it was worth the wait! There are 263 images in this album, and it features some of my favorite images to date! This album is a little different than the other ones I have made. It is part artistic, travel diary and journalistic. Quite a few different photography styles are featured in this album!

There are images of Waterfalls, Farms, Sheeps, Fjords, Glaciers, Cliffs, Horses, Roads, Northern Lights, Graffiti, and some new additions to my Doors + Windows collection. We have featured images from our iPhones and Canon SLR cameras in this album, and we even featured some cool Instagram photos.

I’m quite proud of it, and I hope you enjoy it too!

To view the entire album follow this link: Iceland: The Complete Album

Here are some highlights, until next week….

Graffiti Faces”
Print - Grafitti Faces

“Geothermal Air Vent”
Print - Geothermal Air Vent

“Farms of Iceland #1”
Print - Farms of Iceland #1

“Lights Over Iceland”
Print - Lights Above Iceland

Print - Grundarfjord

Print - Reykjavik

December 19, 2012 – Photos of the Year – Our Top 10 Images for 2012

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As another December comes to an end I am reflecting upon what has been an amazing year both personally and photographically. Some of my most favorite portfolio images of all time were photographed this year, and this year it was harder than ever to narrow all my favorites down to a “top 10” list. I should also clarify “my” list to “our” list as Christina contributed an amazing image to this collection too!

Oddly enough, most of the top 10 images are from our most recent excursion to Iceland, but Iceland’s beauty speaks for itself; Rugged, pristine, delicate, vast, and visually stunning, Iceland is an amazing place to visit! Truthfully, If I had written a top 20 list, we would’ve seen a little more diversity of location, but Iceland was such an amazing and memorable experience for Christina and I, that these images naturally occupy much of my top 10!

So without further adieu:

#1 - Kirkjufell Falls, Iceland September 2012

#1 – Kirkjufell Falls, Iceland
September 2012

These breathtaking waterfalls are located at the base of Kirkjufell mountain in Grundarfjörður on the western peninsula of Snæfellsnes (pronounced Snay-fells-nes), Iceland.

#2 - House of Forgotten Dreams, Iceland September 2012

#2 – House of Forgotten Dreams, Iceland
September 2012

There’s something mysteriously beautiful about abandoned homes….

#3 - Home By The Sea, Iceland September 2012

#3 – Home By The Sea, Iceland
September 2012

What an amazing view of the ocean this home must have had!

#4 - Aurora Showers, Edmonton October 2012

#4 – Aurora Showers, Edmonton
October 2012

Christina photographed this amazing celestial phenomenon. Not only did she capture an image of the Northern Lights, but it looks like an apex straight out of Star Trek!

#5 - Northern Streaks, Edmonton October 2012

#5 – Northern Streaks, Edmonton
October 2012

There’s something breathtaking about the Northern Lights as they dance across the night and light up the heavens above!

#6 - Winding Road, Iceland August 2012

#6 – Winding Road, Iceland
August 2012

Roads are often overlooked as pure beauty. This s-shaped road in Iceland was spellbinding!

#7 - Seljalandsfoss, Iceland August 2012

#7 – Seljalandsfoss, Iceland
August 2012

Ah! Who can forget the beautiful waterfall that inspired us to visit Iceland in the first place!

#8 - Hraunfossar, Iceland September 2012

#8 – Hraunfossar, Iceland
September 2012

We ended up getting lost when we ventured off to photograph these amazing waterfalls in Iceland. Our GPS took us off road and cross country across some spots that I find are hard to believe are called roads! We made it upon our second attempt, and were mighty glad we did! I even managed to capture some emerging fall colors in this image!

#9 - Grazing By The Icebergs, Iceland August 2012

#9 – Grazing By The Icebergs, Iceland
August 2012

This image is minimally post processed because mother nature blessed me with the most perfect noise free lighting! I love this high key image of this adorable sheep who was happily grazing along the Icebergs of Jokulsarlon.

#10 - The Mountain Playground, Iceland August 2012

#10 – The Mountain Playground, Iceland
August 2012

What an opportunity it was to capture an image of a playground with the Icelandic highlands as the backdrop! I love these little moments of art inspiration!

If you would like to purchase prints please visit My Etsy Shop 🙂
I must confess that I haven’t listed all of these images yet. If you see an image here that isn’t yet listed in my online shop, please message me in My Etsy Shop
and I will draft up a custom listing for you!

Until next time….

Thanks for reading, and Happy New Year!

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